Here is just a quick step by step list on how you can coach yourself towards your goals and productivity if you feel stuck or just feel your ready for a change!

1. See if you need some coaching:

A good idea is to first identify if you need coaching or at least to figure out to what extent it can be beneficial. Do you keep feeling stuck? Are you ready to make a change in your life? Do you have big plans for the future? Are you ready to invest in yourself? Then you may want to look into mindset coaching.

2. Do A Brain Dump:

Let it all out! Map everything down on a piece of paper so that you can clearly see past disarrayed pieces of information and thoughts and get some clarity on what you actually want to achieve.

3. Develop An Outcome Chart:

state your outcome in positive terms and base it on what you do want to happen and not what you want to avoid. Some of the questions can look like these;
– What do you want-What else do you want?
– Why do you want the outcome- What values does it serve?
– What. Where, when and with whom with this outcome be achieved?
– What are the internal & external resources required to have this outcome?

4. Self-Question Any Limiting Beliefs:

A limiting belief is a false belief that a person has as a result of making an incorrect conclusion about something in life. This can hider a person into thinking they cannot achieve or move past this goal. Ask yourself:
– Is this belief always true?
– Am I making any assumptions?
– Is my belief based on limited and incomplete knowledge?
– What proof/evidence is there to support my belief or negate it?
– What other factors do I need to take into consideration?

5. Set Up Yourself For Accountability By Developing An Action Plan

In order to achieve your goals, put something to move you towards your goals on your to-do list every week. Set three short-term goals to be working on at one time. As you become more dedicated to the process, you can set yourself up for five. Next, map out the specific individual steps for achieving the goal. Each step should have a deadline attached in order to allow it to move you toward your objective. At the end of the week or after each goal give yourself a reward to help motivate you!

6. Get, Set, Coach:

After taking each of these steps into account and setting up your game plan, you’re ready to get yourself moving to your next goal!