“I’m not losing weight. I’m getting rid of it.
I have no intention of finding it again!”

Here at Evexia we believe you have to put nutrition first in order to achieve your weight loss goals. As with our skincare we have selected Acti-Labs and their diet range of products as our partner in weight loss.

Fair, Responsible, Effective and Cruelty Free.

At Acti-Labs they have taken the science behind some of the most tried and trusted diet plans and shaken them up, throwing out all the unhealthy stuff (Aspartame, MSG, Genetically modified ingredients and artificial colourings to name a few). Through their nutrition and diet range you will find an array of natural power house ingredients that will leave you feeling good and looking good.

If meal replacements aren’t your kit bag why not try putting some `Slim` in your water with their revolutionary HydroSlim liquid diet supplement.

You can visit our ambassador page to shop online,

or why not give us a call to book a free 30 minute skincare consultation to discover the range before you buy.

VIP Exclusives & Income Generating Opportunities…

If you would like to sample some of the Acti-Labs diet range, here at Evexia, we would more than welcome you to discuss your requirements, provide the opportunity to save 10% on your first order and earn VIP referral rewards.

Alternatively if £500 a month or more will make a difference to you and your family, we have opportunities for you to join our team.

Call us on 01709 916944 or pop in for coffee during our opening hours.