Non Toxic, Non Invasive, Non Surgical

When Botox and Fillers go wrong it can be devastating.  With our toxin free cosmeceutical facials and natural aesthetics you can be assured of results that come from solutions with no nasties, no surprises and natural looking results.

Why are our faces so important to us?

Our faces convey a wealth of information that we use to guide our social interactions, so it’s not surprising that we value them so much and why some of us don’t want to use toxin based solutions, especially if they paralyse our muscles and take away our expressions!

Here at Evexia we have both Facial Treatments and Aesthetic Cosmetics that are free from Toxins, don’t involve needles and are cheaper on our pockets that alternatives such as surgery.

Our Mini, Deluxe and Custom Facials utilise the products of our UK owned, Award Winning French Beauty laboratory Acti-Labs, it’s the “Best of Science powered by nature”,  especially for those of us looking for anti-aging solutions and clinically proven results from non toxic, dermatologically tested and cruelty free sources.

When it comes to Aesthetic Cosmetics we’ve seen what happens when Botox and Fillers go wrong, not to mention the constant quarterly upkeep and cost of paralysing our foreheads so our lines don’t show.

That’s why here at Evexia we refuse to put toxins such as Botox or Silicon Fillers into our faces and have selected the amazing Louise Walsh International Plasma Pen for our aesthetic cosmetic treatments, utilising the bodies natural abilty to heal and hence lift and tighten our skin, with results that last up to 3 years.

With facials starting from as little as £20 and Aesthetic Cosmetic solutions that last up to 3 years, you’ll be looking a million dollars!

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Cosmeceutical Facials
Introducing a full range facials, utilising the latest technology performance skincare from our Award Winning, UK owned, French Beauty Laboratory partner.  Safe, toxin free, our product partner has solutions that are clinically proven, cruelty free and dermatologically tested.
Plasma Pen Aesthetic Cosmetics
From Crows Feet to Upper & Lower Eyelid Lifts and many other facial treatments… the Louise Walsh International Plasma Pen treatments are arguably the only skin tightening treatment outside of surgery that can be performed on the eyes!
Lipo Sculpting Body Wraps
Lipo Sculpting Fluid Wraps (or Inch Loss Wrap) are a clinically proven, pain free treatment to reduce unwanted fat from targeted areas of the body. Our wrap treatments can be performed alongside your facial treatment… double the pampering without the extra in-clinic time!