Your body is the only place you have to live!

Living well is about developing a healthy lifestyle that works for you.  Our services provide support for detoxing, cleansing & removing toxins and the creation of  an healthy internal environment, through nutrition for wellness, weight loss, weight management and performance.

Eat Well, Live Well and leave the Yo-Yo dieting behind you.

Featured Solutions…

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5 Day Detox Program
A Programs to provide a kick start for health and/or weight loss  through 5 days of focused change in nutrition.
Acti-Diet Plans
High nutritional meal replacement programs without the calories, nutritional, convenient and affordable solutions for weight loss
Colonic Hydrotherapy
A completely natural treatment to flush waste from the body out of the bowel using filtered water
Nutritional MOT & Food Intolerance Testing
Nutritional analysis session, using Asyra Bioenergetic Screening, including vitamin and mineral deficiency identification and food intolerance test.
Weight Loss & Weight Management Consultation
Solutions for losing, maintaining and gaining weight or assisting sports performance.
Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss
Group and individual hypnotherapy programs to reset the body and lose weight naturally, changing habits not limitations.