Healthy Eating for Detox, Weight Loss & Muscle Building

We get it, like many we feel better when we look better… but are you tired of always being on a “diet”?
Creating a life that feels good on the inside is just as important as looking good on the outside.

No matter how happy we are, many of us desire to look good in order to feel good and weight is sometime the place we want to start, whether it’s muscle building, weight loss or eating for health.

With numerous solutions from meal replacement & supplements to hypnotherapy for weight loss.  In addition to our longer term solutions to free you from the yo-yo diet trap we provide shorter term solutions high in nutritional value, but low in calories to kick-start your nutritional and weight loss goals.

Whether it’s a plan for the long term or a kick start for the short term, we will support you to find the right solution for you.

If it’s detoxing and getting healthier you are looking for, all of our programmes can be supported with our Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment, which is beneficial for toxin release and easing the stain on your gut.  This may be of special importance during times of weight loss or detoxing, when toxins and fat are being released from within the body.

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Featured Solutions…

More Solutions…

FREE 30 Minute Nutrition, Detox or Weight Consultation
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5 Day Detox
A 5 day program of cleansing and clean nutrition to remove additions, such as sugar.  Great preparation for a longer weight management plan or a regular cleanse for a clean eating lifestyle.
7 Day Shred
An Acti-Diet Plan perfect as a kick start to a healthy diet or as a last minute dash to get Bikini-Body ready.  High Nutrition, Low Calorie 7 Day program for weight loss.
30 Day Plan
A 30 day meal replacement program for weight loss or weight gain.  Perfect for longer weight loss goals or, if you are body building and finding eating 6 meals a day difficult, this convenience program provides  the extra protein reducing the meal prep.
Colonic Hydrotherapy
A completely natural treatment to flush waste from the body out of the bowel using filtered water.
An Acti-Diet Plan based on  1200 calories, designed to help you lose weight or maintain healthy weight loss.
Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss
Group and individual hypnotherapy programs to reset the body and lose weight naturally, changing habits not limitations.
An Acti-Diet Plan, similar to the flexi-diet but with a more controlled solution for quicker results.
Juice Therapy
Plans to incorporate fruit and vegetable juices into your diet for cleansing, clean eating, or health.
Meal Planning
Love cooking and want a meal plan that’s based around your choice of foods. Whether it’s whole food, alkalising, Low GI, Paleo or Macro Counting (to name a few),  our nutritional team can help you through the planning stages and support you on your journey.
Nutritional MOT & Food Intolerence Testing
Nutritional analysis session, using Asyra Bioenergetic Screening, including vitamin and mineral deficiency identification and food intolerance test.