Here at Evexia wellness we offer an Asyra Bioenergetic Health MOT, This is a non-invasive way to interpret information from the body-mind system.

This test provides a full analysis of sensitivities in the body and provide a report of intolerances, excesses and deficiencies that could be affecting your health and well-being.

Book before the 15th March 2020 to receive a free mini facial following your Asyra Bioenergetic Health MOT (applies to appointments completed before the end of March 2020).

The Screening of all tests run and written Recommendations will take around 1 hour, with a full report of findings and recommendations sent shortly after.

The bioenergetic readings from the computerised system are taken by the client holding two brass handles. Small charges of electrical resistance in the skin are monitored, as different signals are sent from the system, there is no sensation or pain felt during this process.

The screening is carried out by your Bioenergetic Screening practitioner after taking a comprehensive case history. Using the readings in conjunction with your case history, the practitioner will make an assessment of your symptoms and offer you the appropriate support and guidance to ensure improved health and wellness.

Information gathered through Asyra screening includes:
  • Imbalances and weakness in organ systems

The screening will identify which of the major meridians in the body are currently stressed or weakened. In natural health practice we believe that organs are linked energetically to other physical, mental and emotional factors so the practitioner aims to get to the root cause of any imbalance.

  • Nutrition needs and food preferences

Nutritional screening gives the practitioner indications to help them assess yoru individual nutrient needs. Those may relate to dietary preferences, sensitivities or vitamin and mineral requirements. Nutritional therapy including smart eating plans and appropriate supplementation is a very helpful base for all clients to achieve wellness.

  • Environmental and allergen sensitivities

These types of sensitivities are often symtoms of immune system dysfunction, which must be addressed to ensure that is does not lead to longer-term problems. Specific reactions can sometimes be “de-sensitised” over time using a homeopathic approach and detoxification protocols in conjunction with a broader health improvement program.

  • Toxic load in the body

The presence of toxins influence health strongly, and screening may give indications to help practitioners identify those that may be affecting your health. We pay particular attention to how the liver is functioning as it is the major detoxification organ in the body. Ensuring the body regulates toxins effectively is an essential part of any treatment program.


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